About The Founder :: Tre’ Banks

Tre’ Banks founded the idea while establishing strong ties to both the growing Philadelphia and DC area markets. This reach has now expanded to even more markets and areas on a national level. Through his involvement, he began to see a need to connect strategic dots and align his network for a larger purpose. Projects ranging from [the arts] and [lifestyles], to the fast moving [web/digital space] and beyond.

Extremely enthusiastic for the future of product and brand integration, he expects [EV]-BnksCrtv to be at forefront of current business shifts within digital revolution. Tre' is known as a “Creative Producer”, as he manages and executes a variety of [ideas, tasks, or projects] from an untapped perspective. [EV]-BnksCrtv is now a driving force behind a number of rising websites, brands, artists, and experiences due to his sight of the new intangibles. 


Instagram: @TreBanks

Twitter: @TreBanks