|| Tre' Banks x DopeOverDose Studios (ATL) ||

During a recent visit to Atlanta, Tre' Banks stopped by DopeOverDose Studios to find out what they were about, and their inspirations/motivations. 




Upon Arrival, we met 3 individuals Dev, Qua, and Jodeci. The front office contained multiple Mac desktops and laptops, along with company branding on walls and past work. The entire space gave an aura of new ideas and inspiration, with primarily red lighting in the main office space. Dev then introduced us to the store portion, which is layered in grass, like a well designed pop up shop; Surrounded by clothes and other miscellaneous items. Finally we moved things over to the Studio room, which contained backdrops, lights, tripods, and more for visual productions. 


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HOW THEY GOT STARTED:  Dope Overdose was a clothing line, and still is. When starting the brand, the minds behind Dope Overdose executed all graphics, designs, fonts, and lookbooks in-house. Through learning the necessary skills to design and market their own product, eventually the team realized these skills could be outsourced. After obtaining a makeshift creative space a mile away from the AUC in Atlanta, they locked in on the three things that drives their business [DESIGN, CLOTHES/PRODUCT , and VISUAL PRODUCTION]. 

INSPIRATIONS: The 3 members all agreed that not too many outside sources or major companies inspire them. Being rooted in Atlanta allows them to see the hotbed of creativity (especially music) firsthand, and they get inspiration from friends and peers. They love to brainstorm and execute amongst each other, and the outside feedback has consistently been positive. 

WHO HAVE THEY WORKED WITH: DOS has worked with mainly artists in the hip hop space, including PopStar Benny, ChaseTheMoney,  GVVAN and more. They say their focus has been helping the branding of artists, along with continuing their own clothing line but sometimes they do concepts for other products ( i.e Pop-Tarts , Cereal, and Donuts ). 

GOALS MOVING FORWARD: Working to continue making a mark amongst their peers, by hosting more events at their space and creating more productions (Audio + Visual ) for various dreamers. They want to continue cultivating the creative community in their city, while utilizing their talent and skills to assist visionaries nationally.  



[EV]-Bnkscrtv, LLC. (EBC) serves as an [Experience + Creative Marketing] based hub, constantly looking to collaborate with our established and emerging peers. Thank you to DopeOverdozStudios for the brief tour and genuine insight into your everyday process, along with the impromptu shoot.  Companies like theirs inspire our own, and i'm sure many others.  

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   Style and Direction Team.     Pictured above (From Left To Right) :  Hez  ,  Tre' Banks  ,  O'Milli

Style and Direction Team. 

Pictured above (From Left To Right) : Hez , Tre' Banks , O'Milli

WhenSmokeClears x [EV]-BnksCrtv, LLC.

Creative Production House WhenSmokeClears set out 2 years ago to create a short film based out of Philadelphia, PA in the early 2000's. The crew spent months living in Philadelphia to create what is now known as "PRINT SHOP". 

The film is directed by Atlanta native, Christian Nolan Jones and is a street drama tangled into a life of dreams and ambition. The Production house has taken the film to various cities and film festivals through out the U.S, and is now bringing final screening to the city which inspired the entire idea. 


[EV]-BnksCrtv, LLC is leading this project by making this finale one for the books. The final screening will take place on Sunday May 27, 2018 at The Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia. Sounds will be provided by TheAkasha and hosted by Philly's own, and Print Shop cast member, Grande Marshall.  

The Screening will be followed by an EBC curated after vibe featuring 2Seater, Director of Print Shop (YNG YWH) , along with Muddy Taylor. 

View Trailer below and click here for Free RSVP! 




2Seater Radio Ep. 1

 Our team is working on a number of projects, but one we are working hard on and excited to see progress, is the rise of  2SEATER .

Our team is working on a number of projects, but one we are working hard on and excited to see progress, is the rise of 2SEATER.

Our team is working on a number of projects, but one we are working hard on and excited to see progress, is the rise of 2SEATER. For some, you have already attended events featuring 2Seater and experienced the vibe. For those who don't know, 2Seater is the conversion/fusion of Tre' Banks live personality and music selection, with Brandon Lamar's branding and music selection. Forming the dj collective, 2Seater is a new type of culture/industry shifter. 

For those who have yet had chance to see them live, it's coming to your area soon. In the meantime, they have launched 2Seater Radio which you can subscribe to on the podcast app (via Iphone) or by following on Soundcloud   !

A schedule has yet to be released for this programming, so stay on your toes for the surprise drops. 

The Mumbo Jumbo Effect

Recently an artist by the name of Tierra Whack released a stunning and inspiring visual for the single "MUMBO JUMBO" . The song is a hypnotizing melody, that majority of our world probably can't even make out the words too. It fits in the coined "mumble rap" landscape (although we at EBC hate that term) , in an almost Kanye West "Through The Wire" fashion. An artist trapped in a world where saying anything of significance, striking thought, or opinion is an immediate recipe for disaster. 

Whack creates a moment in time where her mouth is constrained by some oral apparatus, while she's still forced to give us something to groove to and memorize (somehow she did). By the end of the video, you see that the surgery led to a permanent fake smile while her eyes told us that she noticed all the strange and completely thrown off shit around her. You see a roach, strange looking people, a surgeon spitting up blood; Yet through it all she has to accept this smile. 

When she walks out of the surgery room with a brand new permanent smile, the viewer sees all of the things someone probably shouldn't be smiling about. A wicked environment lacking sunshine; While harboring homeless people, helpless old folks, crooks, and whatever else. No matter the individual circumstances, they are all forced to wear that same smile. These situations are clearly grounds for any sane human to put the smile away and react like a sensible human being that won't accept just anything. 

The message seems to be relevant in a Trump/Twitter world where every opinion is attacked. Sensitivity and groupthink are at an all time high, and the people who claim to be "woke" seem to be the most resistant to further teaching and empathy. In turn we just live amongst constant negativity and tiresome anger.  It seems like humans no longer allow for others to be......human. To be upset, to feel angry, to disagree; we always want to force these feelings or ideals into a direction we deem will be most appropriate and comfortable for the rest of us.

Regardless what's happening around us, our social media must display "appropriate" comfort for potential employers and meaningless followers. Doesn't seem like many social media pages truly reflects a person's true self anymore, because we live in a society where every single avi is a "brand". Even for creators, entrepreneurs, and artists, you are constantly told to fit a mold in order to receive the recognition or support you deserve. One wrong action, or public thought and you're in a tough spot.

 Right now, the large wave is artist having fun with their music ( which is 100% fine) , but nothing of substance is actually being said (as with all things, exceptions exist...we know). It has reached such a massive scale, that Whack displays how our ears aren't even trained to care what you're saying anymore.

Mumbo Jumbo in some strange way, starts a conversation based around people just allowing others to be people again. If someone isn't happy, or saying something that you would say, then that's dope. If someone's background and ideals don't align with your own, let's start to listen and share again. We have reached a point where we are being served anything, and doing the bare minimum about it (beyond being constantly infuriated by trivial things) ; Showing just how much the human energy has been displaced into a politically correct digitized energy. 



[This article is 100% opinion, thought and observation by the [EV]-BnksCrtv, LLC team. Strictly for shits and giggles, that might just get you to talk to someone else. Thanks for reading. | For any inquiries please reach out to Contact@Ev-BnksCrtv.com]  

Why, Trigga Bankin ?

Let's tell you why. 

The team at [EV]-BnksCrtv pride ourselves in not only presenting "on the cusp" ideas and talent, but simply by being aware. We aren't always able to work with everyone and everything at time of discovery, but want to display different ways to consistently spark thought, moods, and visions through what we like. 

Bigga Rankin is a legend in the underground A+R Game and a well respected voice throughout the culture. His way of presenting new energies through music is what we need more of. We decided to release a series of mixes by Tre' Banks accompanied by EBC directed visual clips, that will display everyday looks and sounds.  

[ This is us at practice, gearing up for the bigger projects, toying with ideas. Don't expect this to be released on a timeline, just be ready as they come. ]


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What A Time [To Believe in Philly]

2015 has shown little love to the 215. From the entire nation looking at Meek Mill as a cultural end all be all, to a rough sports patch for all fans of the hometown teams; one can basically say we are at the bottom of the major city pecking order. Fortunately for Philadelphia, as we move into 2016, there is a young generation of visionaries and ambassadors willing to completely shift the energy into new cities to remind the nation and remind the world, we have not forgotten what winning feels like.


The generation that was raised on Allen Iverson, Donovan McNabb, Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, and the Roc-A-Fella glory days, are channeling these childhood energies to create another global shift. With a “no city is safe” attitude, Philadelphia recently invaded Miami for Art Basel 2015. On Thursday Dec. 3, Coyo Taco located in Miami’s Wynwood area was the home to “What A Time: After Dark Show”, curated by city ambassadors Blaire Monroe and Shaleeta Pendleton. The two came together and cultivated an extremely authentic Philadelphia Experience, bringing together both established and emerging DJ acts such as Matthew Law, Cosmo Baker, DJ Sylo, The Bounce Boyz (DJ duo Fuego Mayo + Christian Lavy), and Quite Hype to recreate a night out in Philadelphia. The After Dark Show was co-hosted by Tre’ Banks, who invited Miami tastemaker Phxenix to join him and serve as Miami’s representative for the evening!

The night was a huge success with features from visual artists including Molly Rose, The Super Poor Kids, HaleyMare & more, displaying their work throughout the event. Special appearances included Post Malone, Denzel Curry, Taayib Smith, and others whom all gathered to experience the unique moment. What amplified the event even more is that one probably couldn't experience this type of event in Philly. All of the talent and personalities involved have created their own niche audiences within Philadelphia and rarely share bills. The After Dark show proved that everyone in the city is pushing towards a common goal, even if they do not always band together within their hometown. I believe this is the brightest point of the entire night.

After Thursday, December 3rd, Philadelphia continued to set Miami on fire during Art Basel with Art showcases from visual artist Distorted, hip-hop artist Lil Uzi Vert serving as the highlight for a YesJulz Rooftop Pool Party, and plenty of others serving and representing throughout the duration of Art Basel 2015.

All photos by DVVINCI


The Birth

On a mission to bridge the gap::

What Gap?

Gap between suits and street wear, money and art, the variety of scenes & industries, having fun yet being aware, and much more.

[EV]-BnksCrtv will provide the vision for all of it's partners to consistently execute genuine and authentic strategies + experiences.