The Mumbo Jumbo Effect

Recently an artist by the name of Tierra Whack released a stunning and inspiring visual for the single "MUMBO JUMBO" . The song is a hypnotizing melody, that majority of our world probably can't even make out the words too. It fits in the coined "mumble rap" landscape (although we at EBC hate that term) , in an almost Kanye West "Through The Wire" fashion. An artist trapped in a world where saying anything of significance, striking thought, or opinion is an immediate recipe for disaster. 

Whack creates a moment in time where her mouth is constrained by some oral apparatus, while she's still forced to give us something to groove to and memorize (somehow she did). By the end of the video, you see that the surgery led to a permanent fake smile while her eyes told us that she noticed all the strange and completely thrown off shit around her. You see a roach, strange looking people, a surgeon spitting up blood; Yet through it all she has to accept this smile. 

When she walks out of the surgery room with a brand new permanent smile, the viewer sees all of the things someone probably shouldn't be smiling about. A wicked environment lacking sunshine; While harboring homeless people, helpless old folks, crooks, and whatever else. No matter the individual circumstances, they are all forced to wear that same smile. These situations are clearly grounds for any sane human to put the smile away and react like a sensible human being that won't accept just anything. 

The message seems to be relevant in a Trump/Twitter world where every opinion is attacked. Sensitivity and groupthink are at an all time high, and the people who claim to be "woke" seem to be the most resistant to further teaching and empathy. In turn we just live amongst constant negativity and tiresome anger.  It seems like humans no longer allow for others to be......human. To be upset, to feel angry, to disagree; we always want to force these feelings or ideals into a direction we deem will be most appropriate and comfortable for the rest of us.

Regardless what's happening around us, our social media must display "appropriate" comfort for potential employers and meaningless followers. Doesn't seem like many social media pages truly reflects a person's true self anymore, because we live in a society where every single avi is a "brand". Even for creators, entrepreneurs, and artists, you are constantly told to fit a mold in order to receive the recognition or support you deserve. One wrong action, or public thought and you're in a tough spot.

 Right now, the large wave is artist having fun with their music ( which is 100% fine) , but nothing of substance is actually being said (as with all things, exceptions exist...we know). It has reached such a massive scale, that Whack displays how our ears aren't even trained to care what you're saying anymore.

Mumbo Jumbo in some strange way, starts a conversation based around people just allowing others to be people again. If someone isn't happy, or saying something that you would say, then that's dope. If someone's background and ideals don't align with your own, let's start to listen and share again. We have reached a point where we are being served anything, and doing the bare minimum about it (beyond being constantly infuriated by trivial things) ; Showing just how much the human energy has been displaced into a politically correct digitized energy. 



[This article is 100% opinion, thought and observation by the [EV]-BnksCrtv, LLC team. Strictly for shits and giggles, that might just get you to talk to someone else. Thanks for reading. | For any inquiries please reach out to]